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     Heat It Media was founded in January 2019. We strive to provide quality service and commit to achieving your business social marketing objectives by doing more than building up; we create a social media experience.

     We believe in the importance of community and communication and commit to making a positive difference in our local and global community. In our effort to express our contribution, a portion of earned proceeds will be donated to charities and non-profit organizations and/or rendered services.

"Communicating is one of the most important life skills we have because it allows us to pass on information and understand each other."

                                  -Heat It Media


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Norman is a Louisiana born creative soul, and  U. S. Army Veteran. He also has an Associates of Liberal Arts Degree from Allan Hancock Community College, and a Associates of Science Degree in Network Systems Administration from ITT Technical Institute. He's a motivated self-starter with a passion for photography, graphic art and multimedia communications. His passion further evolved into business marketing contributed to the opening of Heat It Media.

   Norman Heath
Operating Manager
Office Call

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