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Bringing the Heat: Creative Works

Heat It Media believes in delivering excellence in everything we do. We take pride in our ability to create custom digital marketing solutions that align with your specific objectives. 

Proposal of the year


She said, "yes"

I had no idea I would see a wedding proposal in person for the first time this day. In the heat of capturing this moment I remembered thinking to myself how this has got to be the best proposal I had ever seen. Later on that day, I was so inspired and moved, I decided to do a special favor (not as a work for hire) and recapture this moment as a project. Then, I made it a special gift to you with hopes to bring as much joy to all who view and inspire many more lovers to "say yes".

-Norman Heath


It's a beautiful Morning

Aspen, Colorado is a beautiful place. I decided to take in nature while relaxing and watch some wild ducks. At first, Most of them was walking around quacking and going about their duck business. After a while, I think maybe they was telling each other I must be one Kool dude. I thought nothing of it at first and began to scroll through my phone. Less than 30 minutes later, I noticed it had gotten quieter and looked up. This is what I saw. All around me, they sat quiet as a mouse asleep.Then,  I even saw one duck on my right side give that little twitch we sometimes do when our rest is so good.

I couldn't help it family, I had to capture this moment and saved it in a bottle for you so that can always come back to this quiet place.

Aspen, Co
Child's Play


Child's Play

Time flies..  Do you often wonder where did the time go? Well, I had the opportunity to capture some moments from the big week leading up to the Kindergarten Graduation Day photoshoot for the Boys & Girls Club of America. I see more than a dogpile of fun here. I believe this childhood memory captures the essence of how we should all have each others back as we relate to each other and with each other as beings for the sake of our children and grandchildren.. Most importantly, it shows strength in unity, laughter, and happiness could and should be for all the children from different cultures.  "If they all can get along, so can we.."

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